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(The International Journal for Recording Achievement, Planning and Portfolios) is our new peer-reviewed online journal.  This was launched at the fourth international seminar "Researching and Evaluating Recording Achievement, Personal Development Planning and ePortfolio." Plymouth, UK, 16th - 17th April 2015.

Volume 2, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 2

Volume 1, Issue 1


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The Centre for Recording Achievement is:

  • A reciprocal member of AAEEBL (USA). Click here to receive the latest AAEEBL news.
  • A core member of the Europortfolio Project (EU).
  • A member of the Higher Education Development Community (UK).
  • An international enabling partner of Curate, Credential and Carry Forward Digital Learning Evidence (Austraila) Click here to read more.


 Listen to the latest edition of 'On Reflection' through our Podcasts. On reflection is our members only journal.



A specialist low-cost initiative to support institutional implementaion of the Higher Education Achievement Report

- For those just starting out with implementation, or who want to refresh or extend existing practice

- Support provided virtually, no need to attend offsite meetings

- Proving critical friendship, access to leading edge practice and professional support to help colleagues focus their efforts 

- An established programme – 2016/7 will be the fourth year of HEAR Academy.



A one year Institutional Development Programme supported by the CRA. Fifteen institutions participated. 



Digital Enhanced Patchwork Text Assessment Project (DePTA): a project which demonstrated how technology could enhance a proven assessment method (patchwork text assessment) and extended this to more traditional subject disciplines.


Supporting Employer Engagement through E-Portfolios (HE5P) HEFCE: A HEFCE-funded project to support HE policy development.


National Action Research Network on Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning NTFS & e-Portfolio (2007 - 2010).