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CRA currently has over 100 members including Higher Education Institutions, Organisations and Individuals.

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CRA produces two online Journals:

On Reflection, our inclusive journal for practitioners.

As a member benefit, this can be accessed via the URL circulated to member contacts.  You can also access this via the Members Zone of our website.  In addition, all contributors receive direct access to the journal.

Interested in submitting an On Reflection contribution?  You can find out more about our simple criteria for contributions here.  And email the editor to discuss any possible contributions here.

RAPPORT (The International Journal for Recording Achievement, Planning and Portfolios) is our new peer-reviewed online journal.  This was launched at the fourth international seminar "Researching and Evaluating Recording Achievement, Personal Development Planning and ePortfolio." Plymouth, UK, 16th - 17th April 2015.

Interested in submitting a RAPPORT contribution?  You can find out more about our criteria for contributions here.  And e-mail the editor to discuss any possible contributions here.

You can browse the archive of PDP-UK, our previous journal (29 issues) here.

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Welcome to the

Centre for Recording Achievement

Who We Are & What We Do:

What is it: The Centre for Recording Achievement is a membership organisation, registered educational charity
and community of practice that promotes the value of both recording achievement and reflective action planning as
important elements for learning and for progression throughout life. The CRA’s members are primarily drawn from
education, training and employment in the UK and internationally. It aims to support, promote and disseminate
innovative and effective practices.
Rationale: The CRA community supports members and others to use recording achievement and reflective
action planning in any stage of their career so as to bring about strategic and practical change. Members gain the
support, expertise and benefit from the community of practice network of the CRA to enhance their own work and
that of their learners and organisation. The community brings together a wide range of expertise to support
members and others to use recording achievement and action planning in order to bring about such change.
Support: The CRA aims to support members and indirectly, the wider community, by providing:
1. a voice, formulated through consultation with members, and seeking to influence policy development in
education, promoting the value of – and sharing expertise in – recording achievement and action planning;
2. 'horizon scanning' - enabling the production of updates on relevant policy developments and news;
3. expertise in
● developing a base of evidence to refine theoretical understanding and guidance to support the practical
application of recording achievement processes,
● demonstrating how expertise in recording achievement improves achievement and attainment,
● clarifying and promoting the values which underpin recording achievement processes wherever they may
be operating;
4. access to new partners and organisations, thereby supporting collaboration and engagement, sharing
expertise and experience, strengthening the connections between policy and practice, and further developing
the membership base;
5. support for the further development of the community of practice, through:
● building/ expanding capacity and expertise in the areas within CRA remit,
● supporting research and evaluation,
● providing consultancy, and training on recording achievement processes for learning, employment and
personal development.
Services: The Centre for Recording Achievement currently offers access to these services to support members.
● Expertise in Personal Development Planning and e-portfolio practice in UK Higher Education.
● Colleagues working in the field in a range of sectors and contexts.
● Conferences, seminars, webinars, consultancy and workshops.
● Networking and networks at the national level through engagement with employers, the 13-19 community,
Higher Education Institutions, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, the Higher Education
Academy, and the Higher Education Achievement Record.
● Potential partnerships for funding proposals either led by the CRA or with the CRA as a named partner.
● International partnerships, networking and sharing of practice in Europe, Australia and the USA.
● Website Members Only Services including Case Studies, PDP research and practitioner experience.
CRA Membership: Is available to institutions and organisations, at associate level (for limited life Projects
and units within larger organisations) and to individuals. There is also a worldwide membership category

The Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) is a network organisation, registered educational charity and Associate Partner of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Its membership is drawn from Local Authorities, Universities and Colleges and Professional Bodies.  

Through a programme of leadership, consultancy and support we seek to develop and demonstrate the value of  "recording achievement and action planning processes as an important element in improving learning and progression throughout the world of education, training and employment".

Click here for our mission statement and a list of services we provide.


The Centre for Recording Achievement is:
  • An Associate Partner of the Higher Education Academy (UK).
  • A reciprocal member of AAEEBL (USA). Click here to recieve the latest AAEEBL news.
  • A core member of the Europortfolio Project (EU).
  • A member of the Higher Education Development Community (UK).
  • An international enabling partner of Curate, Credential and Carry Forward Digital Learning Evidence (Austraila) Click here to read more.



Listen to the latest edition of 'On Reflection' through our Podcasts. On reflection is our members only journal.