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CRA produces two online Journals:


On Reflection

Our inclusive journal for practitioners.

As a member benefit, this can be accessed via the URL circulated to member contacts.  You can also access this via the Members Zone of our website.  In addition, all contributors receive direct access to the journal.


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(The International Journal for Recording Achievement, Planning and Portfolios) is our new peer-reviewed online journal.  This was launched at the fourth international seminar "Researching and Evaluating Recording Achievement, Personal Development Planning and ePortfolio." Plymouth, UK, 16th - 17th April 2015.


Interested in submitting a RAPPORT contribution?  

You can find out more about our criteria for contributions. 

Please e-mail the editor to discuss any possible contributions.


You can browse the archive of PDP-UK, our previous journal (29 issues) here.

The Centre for Recording Achievement is:

  • A reciprocal member of AAEEBL (USA). Click here to receive the latest AAEEBL news.
  • A core member of the Europortfolio Project (EU).
  • A member of the Higher Education Development Community (UK).
  • An international enabling partner of Curate, Credential and Carry Forward Digital Learning Evidence (Austraila) Click here to read more.