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As a national network organization the CRA seeks to “promote the awareness of recording achievement and action planning processes as an important element in improving learning and progression throughout the world of education, training and employment”. The CRA believes that this mission, along with the aims of the organization on the homepage of this website, apply to all sectors including schools and colleges.

The CRA has had a strong track record in previous years in supporting schools and colleges with the use of Progress File and the implementation of supporting and underpinning learning processes. It is our belief that these underpinning learning processes remain as important as ever and we are keen to renew our work with schools and colleges to develop this further.

The CRA is ideally placed to support developments focusing on the transition of learners from schools and colleges onto higher level learning. This is becoming increasingly important as schools and colleges accountability measures are likely to include reporting on destinations and progression. Meanwhile,  HEIs will be required to pay close attention to student recruitment and retention along with the wider student experience in HE.

If you would like to know more about how the CRA can support your school, college or other provider organisation please contact Rob Ward

We are currently developing this page as a portal for resources relevant to all parts of the 14-19 sector.  If you would like to submit a report, case study or piece of research for inclusion on our site, please email Cath Hewson 

Please visit our membership page for details on how to join our community of practitioners and access our members-only events and discussions.


Individual Learning Plans

Individual Learning Plans in Foundation Learning at Key Stage 4

Exemplar ILP to support progression

Devising an ILP for learners with learning difficulties

“Assessment is an important feature of a young person’s educational experience. It both supports their learning and records what they know and can do.”

“.... giving students accurate and precise feedback on their achievements to enable them to make informed choices about future progression.”

“.... giving students accurate and precise feedback on their achievements to enable them to make informed choices about future progression.”

Transforming the education system for 14-19 year olds

Details of the work of the DCSF in this area can be found on their website.

PDP Curriculum

Further information about the Personal Development Curriculum 14-19 can be found on the QCA website and the Personal Learning and Skills Framework here.

Every Child Matters

Further details of the ‘Every Child Matters' agenda can be located on their website.