We offer a broad range of membership options which enable organisations, institutions, projects and individuals to join CRA. 


For 2016/7 and beyond we are planning to build upon developments this year including:

  • Our second National Seminars on Personal Tutoring and HEAR implementation, respectively.
  • Our peer reviewed journal RAPPORT and practitioner magazine 'On Reflection'.
  • Our international e-portfolio conference taking place Edinburgh in June 2016, allowing access to international practice, in Europe, the USA and Australia, through our wide network.


Amongst other things, we will be offering:

  • Our Residential Seminar, with themes agreed by members for members (and others).
  • A further institutional support programme for those implementing the HEAR. More on this here.
  • Opportunities to participate in a new National Award in Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising, more details
  • A further programme of online webinars, free for members, to enable you to keep right up-to-date whilst not leaving your desktop or mobile device. 


For more information about who we are and what we do please click here. 


Feedback from our members can be found here.


Applications typically take around 5 working days to process. Should you have any queries during this period,please contact Cath Hewson cath@recordingachievement.ac.uk  

Once your application has been approved you will receive: 

  • a CRA welcome e-mail
  • access to our exclusive 'Members Zone' of this website
  • details of the next CRA general meeting            
  • details of forthcoming events including (free for all members) on-line webinars
  • access to recent publications
  • (if taking out membership via the Purchase order route) an invoice to cover your membership fees.


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