Project Directors:

Rob Ward

Janet Strivens

Information Systems Consultant:
Simon Grant

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The HE5P project: Employers, HEIs and Learners working in Partnership 

The HE5P Project had four overlapping aims.

1.      Collate and analyse existing practices in work-based learning e-portfolio practice(s), specifically via a review of literature and existing practice.

2.      Build capacity to develop and promote best practice in using e-portfolio technology to support employer and learner engagement in higher level learning, specifically via the development and support of a national partnership involving:

  • the Universities of Bedfordshire, Bradford, Cumbria, Leeds Metropolitan, Leicester, Liverpool, Northumbria; Plymouth; Portsmouth and Wolverhampton
  • two professional bodies (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and the Institute of Physics) and one Lifelong Learning Network (the Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance).

3.      Disseminate key lessons and experiences which will inform/shape policy and transfer practice.

4.      Provide an evidence base and national e-portfolio specification to contribute to policy and practice to ensure the effective implementation of the employer/employee engagement agenda, via data collection and reporting and the provision of an Information Architecture Model.

 Underlying the Project was the proposition that "e-portfolio practice has the capacity to provide the 'glue' in the development of such provision, connecting key stakeholders (employer/workplace mentor, employee/learner and academic/institutional support) and facilitating learning and assessment".

 Project 'outputs' provided:

  • A short Report
  • ‘Scenarios’ based on current practice but envisioning future developments, designed to illustrate different learning experiences and institutional settings
  • An Information Architecture Model showing optimal information flows between systems and actors to achieve maximum administrative efficiency together with quality learning experiences (cross-referenced to the scenarios).

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