This section offers a range of resources and resource types, many of which you can adapt for your own purposes. It is currently divided into materials suitable for self-study:

  • Webinars
  • ‘Support’ documents (a large section including some institution-specific guides)
  • Powerpoint presentations

and materials designed for use in workshops:

  • Videos
  • Handouts
  • Case Studies (for discussion and/or role play)

We welcome additional materials for this section and also any feedback you may have from your own use of the material, either for self-study or within workshops.


Materials for self-study: 

  • Webinars

Initial Orientation Webinar 21st March 2016

Fresh thinking on Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising: toward new models of practice SEDA ONLINE CLINIC, 13th April 2016

Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising why does it matter now 24th May 2016

  • Support documents

What to expect from a Personal Tutor, University of Brighton

NUS new charter on Personal Tutors

NUS Academic Support benchmarking tool

Personal Tutoring an Engineering Subject Centre guide by Elaine M. Smith

Approaches to Tutoring and Support


  • Powerpoint presentations

Whole seminar workshop: Personal Development from a Student Perspective: introducing and using the NUS Personal Development Framework - Kate Little

Models and Methods for 21st Century Tutoring- CRA Event Resources


Materials for workshops, training sessions etc.:

  • Video Resources
Scenario 1: Identifying significant skills gaps
Scenario 2: An under-performing student?
Scenario 3: Supporting projects or dissertations
Scenario 4: A demanding student?
Scenario 5: A depressed student?
  •  Handouts

Introductory Group Excercise
Introductory questions for a PDP record
Giving Constructive Feedback
Counselling Techniques

  • Case Studies

3 Case Studies for Discussion

3 Case Studies for Role Play