This section offers a range of resources and resource types, many of which you can adapt for your own purposes. It is currently divided into materials suitable for self-study:

  • Webinars
  • ‘Support’ documents (a large section including some institution-specific guides)
  • Powerpoint presentations

and materials designed for use in workshops:

  • Videos
  • Handouts
  • Case Studies (for discussion and/or role play)

We welcome additional materials for this section and also any feedback you may have from your own use of the material, either for self-study or within workshops.


Materials for self-study: 

  • Webinars

Fresh thinking on Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising: toward new models of practice

  • Support documents

What to expect from a Personal Tutor, University of Brighton

NUS new charter on Personal Tutors

NUS Academic Support benchmarking tool

Personal Tutoring an Engineering Subject Centre guide by Elaine M. Smith

  • Powerpoint presentations

Whole seminar workshop: Personal Development from a Student Perspective: introducing and using the NUS Personal Development Framework - Kate Little

Models and Methods for 21st Century Tutoring- CRA Event Resources


Materials for workshops, training sessions etc.:

  • Video Resources
Scenario 1: Identifying significant skills gaps
Scenario 2: An under-performing student?
Scenario 3: Supporting projects or dissertations
Scenario 4: A demanding student?
Scenario 5: A depressed student?
  •  Handouts

Introductory Group Excercise
Introductory questions for a PDP record
Giving Constructive Feedback
Counselling Techniques

  • Case Studies

3 Case Studies for Discussion

3 Case Studies for Role Play