This section contains links to the web pages provided by a range of different UK universities. Some are directed at staff, some at students, some are available to both audiences. Most set out their institutional policy on personal tutoring/academic advising or provide a link to a policy statement

The role of a personal tutor/academic adviser varies between different higher education institutions. This depends to a great extent on institutional policy but also on custom and practice within different schools and departments. Many institutions will set out their definition of the role within a policy document; some also have a guidance document for personal tutors. Such documents are designed to help academic staff and/or students understand their responsibilities (as tutor/advisor and as tutee/advisee) and, just as importantly, the boundaries of the role. Most will also describe the range of specialist services which provide backup and support to the tutor’s front-line role.

[The links below are to the institution’s main site for personal tutoring/academic advising. Where it has been possible to establish this, the primary audience is indicated (staff, student or both). Where the site also contains useful downloadable resources these are also noted, and in some cases, links are given. However you may found additional useful material when browsing the site.]

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