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'Understanding the essence(s) of portfolio-based learning' Mon 6th June - Weds 8th June 2016

Understanding the essence(s) of portfolio-based learning.

 A collaborative international seminar

The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 6-8 June 2016


Day One ‘Altogether now’


Opening and welcomes: Trent Batson, President/CEO, AAEEBL and Rob Ward, Director, CRA.


Building the colloquium: ‘we arrived on different ships but are in the same boat now’. Steve Outram, Associate Director (Development) CRA, Susan Kahn, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA, and Trent Batson.


‘The role of portfolios in student-directed learning’. Ian Pirie, 'Emeritus Professor' (formerly Assistant Principal for Learning and Development and Professor of Design), the University of Edinburgh


'Depicting the Outcomes of Learning: ePortfolios as Authentic Records of Achievement.’ Tracy Penny-Light, Executive Director, the Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation, Thompson Rivers University, British Columbia.


‘Practising ePortfolio learning:  UK and US contributors on e-pdp practice’. Emma Purnell, University of Plymouth, UK and Cathy Buyarski, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, USA.


‘Stopping and thinking’.  Reflecting back and looking forward:  a facilitated discussion. Susan Kahn, and Rob Ward.


Key Colloquium questions:  from us back to you… Steve Outram, Trent Batson and Susan Kahn.


Day Two ‘Go your own way’


Introductions to Day Two


‘Orientation to the action research agenda, what do we know/need to know.’  John Peters Associate Director, CRA, Head of Academic Practice at Newman University, Birmingham, UK.



Jayme Jacobson and Mark Anthoney, Seattle University, USAAssessing ePortfolios in the Wild.

Paul Duvall and Jane Bradley, School of Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK - The pocket portfolio – workplace-based assessment in Medicine.

Beata Jones, Texas Christian University, USACoherent Learning Design for ePortfolio-framed authentic learning experiences.

Nadia Spang Bovey, Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland and Patrick Roth, University of GenevaSelfpad: Supporting reflective thinking practices in various learning situations.

Susan Kahn, Marta Anton and Tyrone Freeman, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USASupporting integration of learning, transitions, and assessment:  ePortfolios in Capstone Seminars at IUPUI.


Research Papers

Kim Hauville, Queensland University of Technology, AustraliaLeadership and ePortfolio: success factors for sustainability and maturity.

Niall Dew, University of Huddersfield, UKHow the views of healthcare students affect the social construction of learning through assessment and showcase ePortfolios.

Candyce Reynolds and Sarah Kutten Portland State University, USA Developing a Leader: research findings on the integration of ePortfolios in an American higher.

Cvetanka Walter, University of Applied Sciences Fulda, GermanyHow can reflective practice become a pleasure and not a burden for learners?

Megan Lawton, University of Wolverhampton, UKWhat can ePortfolio-based learning offer flipped academic development?


Research Papers

Susan Blackley and Rachel Sheffield, Curtin University, AustraliaEvidence-based digital portfolios to enhance employability and support developing professional identity.

Anastasia Economou, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, CyprusDesigning and testing ePortfolio learning models for the development and assessment of transversal skills:  ATS2020 project.

Alfredo Gaitan, University of Bedfordshire, UKePortfolios to capture learner gain: their potential role in the Teaching Excellence Framework.

Katherine Lithgow and Jill Tomasson Goodwin, University of Waterloo, CanadaEmpowering learners to bridge the 'articulation of skills' gap through ePortfolio reflections.

Katia Aiko Murata Arend, Language Centre of the University of Leipzig, Germany - Making progress visible: learning, teaching and assessing with the ePortfolio Mahara.


Mixed Sessions

Barbara Nicolls and Danny Clarke, Bucks New University, UKScaffold for Student Operating Department Practitioners to demonstrate their learning in the ePortfolio: is it fit for purpose?

Stuart Blacklock, LiveText, UK - Technology to better engage students for Life-wide learning.

Emilia Sobolewska and David Hunter, Napier University, UKExploring student identity and transition through portfolio development.

Amy Ramson, Hostos Community College, CUNY, USAE-portfolio: the optimal tool to assess a Student-Faculty Research Project.

Monika Ciesielkiewicz, C.U.Villanueva, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain - ePortfolio potential to enhance students' entry into the labour market.


Shane Sutherland, PebblePad, (Principal Seminar Sponsor). Reimagining portfolio practice: an audience-led exploration of high impact portfolio practice from applicant to alumni.



Gillian Reindl and Victoria Lewis, Hartpury College, UKIntroducing e-portfolio to scaffold reflective coaching practice. A pilot study to support a new institutional employability framework at Hartpury.

Maria Evans and Jacquelyn Haigh, University of Bradford, UK - Encouraging authentic engagement of mentors in student   ePortfolios for learning in practice settings.

Domi Sinclair, University College London, UK How to date your portfolio system: making time together

Jessica Bacal, Joseph Bacal, and  Janie Vanpee, Smith College, USANew tools for documenting cross-cultural and language learning.

Kate Culkin and Jordi Getman-Eraso, Bronx Community College, CUNY, USAGroup work and metacognition: helping Students understand the work of the disciplines through collaborative textual analysis on ePortfolio.


Ignite Sessions

Jim Judges, University of Warwick, UKMind the gap

Barbara Nicolls, Bucks New University, UKReflections of an ePortfolio facilitator.

Alison James, London College of Fashion, UK - Student-to-student coaching for transition, reflection and employability.

Siobhan Devlin and Gary Unthank, University of Sunderland, UK - Contemplating ePortfolio use in the undergraduate curriculum

Nadja Despalj, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, CroatiaPracticing various tenses by writing lab reports.



Emma Purnell and Paul Richards, Plymouth University, UK - Structuring the learning: personalising the experience. A tale of two employability ePortfolio approaches.

Joy Robbins, University of Bradford, UKePortfolio workbooks: scaffolding student development and scaling up institutional portfolio use.

Noreen Henry, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland and Debbie Holmes, PebblePadWhat shape are your students? An interactive workshop exploring the T shaped graduate.

Christina McDonald and Kenneth E. Kooms, Virginia Military Institute, USAePortfolios and reflective learning in Global Education.

Samantha Blevins-Bohanan, Radford University and Jennifer Brill, Virginia Tech, USAMeeting the challenges of systemic ePortfolio adoption: an ePortfolio implementation framework for ensuring success.



Andy Hollyhead and Jon Curwin, Birmingham City University, UKEmbedding employability in the curriculum and evidencing outcomes through meaningful assessment.

Jenny Jones, University of Liverpool and John Couperthwaite, PebblePadAn institution-wide approach to recording verifiable student activities for the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

Georgia Rhoades and Dennis J. Bohr, Appalachian State University, USA Supporting and assessing reflective practice in ePortfolios across the curriculum.

Christine Dehne and Gillian Greenhill-Hannum, Manhattanville College, USAStrategies for building Faculty support and engagement for campus-wide ePortfolio initiatives.


Day Three 'Together Again'


Welcome back to the Playfair Library.  What’s in store today? Rob Ward, Director, CRA, and Trent Batson, President/CEO, AAEEBL.


Digital Portfolios and Open Digital Badges - Warranting evidence (revisiting old friends, never foes). Kathryn Coleman, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia, AAEEBL Board Member.


Bringing Digital Literacies to life:  Using Portfolios and Digital Badges for authentic learning and an online presence.  Fiona Harvey and Stephan Caspar, University of Southampton, UK.


Enhancing Student Employability through Technology:  plenary introduction and workshop.  Lisa Gray and Peter Chatterton, Jisc Technology for Employability Study, UK.


Developing the global research agenda, what do we know now, what do we need to know? Plenary discussion led by John Peters, Associate Director, CRA, Head of Academic Practice at Newman University, Birmingham, UK.



  • Document Published: Thursday, 09 June 2016