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PDP Wales   Issue 4

  • The Enhancement of Personal Development Planning (PDP) and Reflective Practice in Dietetic Students at Cardiff Metropolitan University – Alison Nicholls
  • Express - Empowering Pharmacy Students to Develop their Communication Skills—Efi Mantzourani and Mat Smith
  • Students as Partners: Researching Objects at Cardiff Story Museum – Aimee Ward
  • Metacognition and Undergraduate-Student Employability– Saffron Passam
  • Addressing Perceptions of ‘Employability’ within Healthcare Programme at Cardiff University—Keren Williamson
  • Enhancing Medical Students’ Employment Prospects in Rural and Remote Wales– Heledd Iago and Judy Mckimm
  • Forthcoming Attractions

The HEAR story so far—Ruth Wasson
Bangor Employability Award—Mari Roberts
How the HEAR is supporting student employability—Rob Ward
E-portfolios, Employability and PDP– Catherine Naamani
HEA conferences and Seminars
CRA Webinars
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PDP Wales - Winter 2013 / Issue 3

  • Ruth Wasson, University of Bangor, Bangor Employability Award
  • Rob Ward, Centre for Recording Achievement, How the HEAR is Supporting Student Employability: Reflections on a Seminar 
  • Catherine Naamani, University of South Wales , Eportfolios, Employability and PDP
  • HEAR Conferences and Seminars 
  • CRA Webinars

The HEAR story so far—Ruth Wasson
Bangor Employability Award—Mari Roberts
How the HEAR is supporting student employability—Rob Ward
E-portfolios, Employability and PDP– Catherine Naamani
HEA conferences and Seminars
CRA Webinars

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PDP Wales - Spring 2013 / Issue 2

  • Dr Beatrix Fahnert, Cardiff University, PDP in Disguise
  • Dr Mike Reddy, University of Wales, Newport, Participatory design in peer negotiated assessment: to thine own self (set exam) be true
  • Rob East, University of Glamorgan, Student Self Assessment of class performance in law
  • Chris Cardew, Swansea University, Developing and implementing an online Employability award at Swansea
  • Alysha Morgan, GO Wales, Wales extends its PDP qualification
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PDP 25
- January 2013
  • Harriet Barnes (QAA), Recognising Achievement beyond the curriculum
  • Vicky Mann (University of Nottingham) & Sarah Jeffries (University of Birmingham), Why an award?
  • Maria Rodriguez-Yborra (University of Bolton), Learners as PDP shapers
  • Alison James (London College of Fashion), PDP in 3D
  • Kirstie Coolin & Judith Wayte (University of Nottingham), Practical eportfolios
  • Chris Millson & Kelly McDonald (University of York), Making the most of what we have got
  • Liz Holford & Lindsay Macadam (University of Portsmouth), An online approach to PDP
  • Sue Rigby (University of Edinburgh), Realising the strategic potential of HEAR

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PDP Wales - Summer 2012/ Issue 1

  • Cliona O’Neill (Higher Education Funding Council for Wales), PDP in a changing Welsh landscape
  • Jon Owen (HEA Associate), Making Progress with the “Welsh HEAR”: some options, and a proposal
  • Elsie Reynolds & Liz Wilson (University of Wales: Trinity St. David), E-APEL for university level work-based learning: A Bilingual Case Study
  • Lloyd Williams, Andy Thomas (University of Wales, Newport) and Rob Ward (CRA), Building PDP into the curriculum
  • Claire Davies (Cardiff University), Going Digital: The School of Dentistry e-Portfolio at Cardiff University

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PDP 24 - May 2012

  • Rob Ward (CRA), Making the most of the HEAR: a personal view
  • Norman Jackson, Lifewide Learning Pt. 2
  • Janet Bird (University of Central Lancashire), UCLan’s Personal Adviser Approach to Personal Development Planning
  • Chris Simpson (University of York), Employability: the long and short of it
  • Indira Biswas-Benbow (University of Warwick), Encouraging learning from Inter-cultural experiences
  • Fiona Boyle, Third Sector Internships Scotland: Recognising Achievement beyond the curriculum
  • Allison Miller, Empowering Australian learners for a life of learning

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PDP 23 - January 2012

  • Harriet Barnes (QAA), What's going on with the QAA?
  • Paula Baines and Angela Tierney (Liverpool John Moores University), Creating Conversations: The development of an interactive card game to initiate a reflective conversational journey for Personal Development Planning.
  • Andrea Raiker (University of Bedfordshire), The ‘capstone assignment’ tutorial as a PDP process in developing graduate identity
  • Jackie Adamson (University of Northumbria), What effects do Cognitive Behavioural Therapies have on the implementation of PDP in Higher Education?,
  • Maria A. Rodriguez-Yborra and Mike Lawrence (University of Bolton), E-PDP in Bolton:a trans-disciplinary approach to PDP.
  • Norman Jackson (SCEPTRE), Lifewide Learning Pt. 1
  • Sarah Jeffries (University of Birmingham) and Vicky Mann (University of Nottingham), “AND THE AWARD GOES TO…”

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PDP 22 - May 2011

  • Maxwell Jeffrey, Learning To Lead
  • Tanyasha Yearwood, The Learning Development Portfolio: a tool for reflecting on employability skills at the module level.
  • Panos Vlachopoulos, Learner-directed learning: shifting responsibilities or developing abilities?
  • Gordon Joyes and Angela Smallwood, Learning the lessons about large scale e-portfolio implementations: introducing the ePI research study.
  • Janet Hanson and Beth Shepherd, The role of the extracurricular award in a university’s Student Experience Strategy
  • Charlie Betts, Portfolios for creativity and self-expression,

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PDP 21 - January 2011

  • Penny Burden and Sallyanne Theodosiou (University of Creative Arts), PDP – In a leaner meaner world: A structured and supported process OR innovative and independent?
  • Neil Raven (Aimhigher East Midlands & Loughborough University), The reflective diary: a valuable tool in continuing professional development
  • Roy Williams & Regina Karousou (University of Portsmouth), Nested Narratives for Recording Professional Development
  • Harriet Barnes (QAA), Locating PDP in the quality assurance landscape
  • Sharon Milner (University of Ulster), 'Reflect on Me' at Ulster

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PDP 20 - September 2010

  • Gordon Joyes (University of Nottingham) and Lisa Gray (JISC), The trouble with e-portfolio implementation: A threshold concepts perspective
  • Jo Powell (Birmingham City University), An “Imposition” or a “Conscious Approach to Learning”: Staff Perceptions of Personal Development Planning (PDP)
  • Sarah Chesney & Jeremy Benson (University of Cumbria), 'Anything other than silence': Developing and supporting a PLS for staff continuing professional development.
  • Emma Purnell, Rachel Challen, Megan Lawton and Brian Penfold (University of Wolverhampton), A soft place to fall (or at least to have a sit down for a while)
  • Wendy Clark, Jackie Adamson, Jamie Thompson and Alan White (Northumbria University), “Illuminating and measuring personal development: the impact of this work on learning and teaching”.
  • John Peters and Mark Tymms (University of Worcester) Defining Personal Development Planning: putting the personal in PDP?

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PDP 19 - May 2010

  • Neil Currant (University of Bradford), Diachronic identity and development: A threshold concept for e-portfolio learning?
  • Professor Beverley Oliver (Curtin University (AUS)), Engaging graduates, employers and faculty in employability in the Web 2.0 world
  • Alison Felce and Emma Purnell (University of Wolverhampton), Using an e-portfolio based pedagogy for work-based learners: Action research and emerging practice.
  • Jackie Haigh and Carol Higgison (University of Bradford), Weight or Float?: Perspectives on using eportfolio as a self development tool in an undergraduate Midwifery programme.
  • Jon Curwin, Jo Powell , Michael Schmidt and Alan Staley (Birmingham City University), The experience of making an e-portfolio work for students and staff: the use of Mahara at Birmingham City Business School,
  • Maria Rodriguez-Yborra and Barbara Thomas (University of Bolton), Piloting, Informing, Embedding, Revisiting and Evaluating e PDP in a School of Arts, Media and Education at the University of Bolton.

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PDP 18 - March 2010

  • Allan Howells and Richard Gill, Developing Protocols to recognise wider student achievement in the HEAR: The Keele Experience.
  • Adrian Jones, Getting real about education/ business links.
  • Joy Collier and Laura Brown, Student Stories; Real studies, Real voices, Real journeys

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PDP 17 - November 2009

  • Nicholas Bowskill & Kelvin Smith (University of Glasgow), Shared Thinking as a Social Approach to PDP
  • Stephanie Richardson (Institute of Physics), Disparate Adult Learners and E-Portfolio Systems- Lessons Learned by the Institute of Physics
  • Louise Frith (University of Kent), A Threshold Concepts approach to PDP
  • Alison James (London College of Fashion), Personal & Professional Development at University of the Arts London: Introducing PPD Coach.

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PDP 16 - March 2009

  • Harriet Barnes (QAA), Personal Development Planning: Guidance for Institutional policy and practice in Higher Education
  • Mark Atlay (University of Bedfordshire), PDP and Subject benchmarks – are we making progress?
  • Lorraine Weaver and Debbie Holmes (University of Worcester), Personal Development Planning based on subject-specific QAA benchmark skills
  • Nicola Langton (University of Reading), iLearn@Reading: Adapting Blackboard to support student (and staff) engagement in PDP. The journey so far…
  • Cheri Logan (University of Cumbria), e-Portfolios for Art, Design and Media
  • Matt Mobbs (University of Leicester), Moving forward from piloting e-Portfolios: applying the lessons learnt to wider adoption
  • Tim Farthing (VESA), A quick guide to the latest 13-19 developments – follow up to the workshop at the CRA conference in November 2008

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PDP 15 - December 2008

  • Aminder Nijjar (CRA), A survey of implementing PDP with students in Higher Education
  • Kirsty Miller and Jonathan Weyers (University of Dundee), Enhancing PDP Activities in Scottish Higher Education Institutions through Effective Strategy, Policy and Practice: a Toolkit
  • Mark Atlay (University of Bedfordshire), HEAR today, gone tomorrow
  • Lisa Gray (JISC), e-Portfolios: Tools for 21st century learning
  • Alfredo Gaitan, Rob Manton and Maja Jankowska, (University of Bedfordshire), Moving forward from piloting e-Portfolios: applying the lessons learnt to wider adoption
  • Louise Frith (University of Kent), A year in the life of an e-Portfolio

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PDP 14 - May 2008

  • Robin Webster and Adrienne Carmichael (Cumbria 14-19 Development Team), The Class of 2013
  • Jill Cosh (Anglia Ruskin), Outcomes of a Personal Development Planning Evaluation Project at Anglia Ruskin University
  • Emma Purnell and Megan Lawton (University of Wolverhampton), Exploring the path to e-PDP
  • Erica Morris and Rachel Hawkins (Open University), Learning with the Open University: re-thinking PDP resources and tools
  • Alex Haig (NHS Scotland), e-Portfolios: the NHS experience
  • Karin Crawford (University of Lincoln), Researching Academic Perspectives on Continuing Professional Development in Higher Education

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PDP 13 - February 2008

  • Shane Sutherland (Pebble Learning) and Alan Paull (Project Manager, APS), Portfolios in Successful HE Admissions: A Project Overview
  • Louise Frith (University of Kent), Things to do with a Personal Learning Environment: PDP at the University of Kent
  • Derry Corey and Sue Lea (University College Plymouth St Mark & St John), Embedded PDP: improving students’ writing to bridge the gap between ‘A’ level, Access and APL
  • Jan Anderson (University of Teesside), Personal Development Planning (PDP): Acknowledging skills, graduateness and beyond
  • Amina Uddin (Bournemouth University), Exploring attitudes to PDP and e-Portfolios held by Health and Creative Industries students and professionals
  • Rob Ward (CRA) and Gillian Hallam (Queensland University of Technology), The Australian e-Portfolio symposium: perspectives from another place

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PDP 12 - December 2007

  • Rob Ward (CRA), The opportunities and challenges of Burgess…
  • Serena Bufton, Susannah Diamond, Ester Ehiyazaryan, Damien Fitzgerald and Richard Pountney (Sheffield Hallam), Using e-portfolios to help students reflect upon and improve their learning: A research project
  • Gill Scott and Roger Clark (Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance), PDP for Learners in Employment
  • Kirsty Miller (University of Dundee) and Allan Martin (University of Glasgow), Is there a role for PDP in developing the first year ‘as a transformative experience for students’?
  • Shane Sutherland (Pebble Learning), What is not an e-portfolio- a better place to start?
  • John Peters (University of Worcester) and Sue Burkinshaw (University of Bolton), The national action research network for researching and evaluating PDP and e-portfolio practice [NARN-PDP]
  • Simon Cotterill (Newcastle University), Alan White (Northumbria University) and Becka Currant (University of Bradford), Using Web 2.0 to Support PDP
  • Jayne Mitchell (QAA), Revising the Guidelines for Personal Development Planning: an update on progress

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PDP 11 - June 2007

  • Jonathan Weyers (University of Dundee), An Analysis of Policy and Strategy Factors in Relation to PDP
  • Janet Strivens (CRA and University of Liverpool), Personal development planning and personal tutoring: training staff for the role
  • Emma Purnell and Paul Towers (University of Wolverhampton), Pass it on…experiences of cascade mentoring
  • Rob Ward (CRA), Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and eportfolio: steps towards supporting practitioner researchers.
  • Jamie Thompson (University of Northumbria), Measuring Development? The ELLI in HE project.
  • Michael Schmidt (Birmingham City University), ‘Cost free’ solutions to the eportfolio challenge?

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PDP 10 - March 2007

  • Wes Streeting (National Union of Students), PDP and Beyond; a perspective from the student world
  • Karen O'Rourke (University of Manchester), Dragons’ Den comes to Manchester!
  • Pauline Kneale (University of Leeds), Introducing students to workplace PDPs
  • Peter Stordy (University of Sheffield), A REAListic Approach to PDP: ‘Reflection, Employability And Learning’
  • Louise Frith (University of Kent), Student engagement with PDP at Kent
  • Frank Goodridge and Sue Burkinshaw (University of Bolton), An evaluation of the Personal Development Planning Initiative (framework) for students studying at the University of Bolton.
  • Joan Cartledge (University of Birmingham), Stand Out in the Crowd: Personal Development Planning at the University of Birmingham
  • Jill Cosh (Anglia Ruskin), PDP in The Faculty of Art, Law and Social Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University. Engagement vs Consistency

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PDP 09 - December 2006

  • Megan Lawton (University of Wolverhampton), Can a systems thinking approach using Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) be used to research PDP?
  • Pamela Irwin (Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance), Supporting and Evaluating Personal Development Planning in a Workbased Project via a Capstone Portfolio.
  • Dominic Micklewright (University of Essex), Student Intentions in Personal Development Planning
  • Holger Andersson, Stephen Gomez, Karen Croker and David Lush (UWE), PDP Evaluation: Giving students a say.
  • Robert Johnson (University of Warwick), Winning Hearts and Minds: An Implementation and Evaluation Toolkit
  • Linda Hodgkinson and Chris Dillon (Open University), PDP processes to enhance employability and professional development
  • Christopher Murray (University of Leeds) and Neil Currant (University of Bradford), Models of E-portfolio Engagement
  • Patricia McKellar (University of Warwick) and Karen Barton (University of Strathclyde), E-Portfolios within Professional Training
  • Julie Hughes (University of Wolverhampton), Eportfolio storytelling as ‘everyday theorising’. Exploring professional learning narratives, digital ‘becoming’ and blogging as transformative socio-cultural spaces.
  • Carina Buckley (University of Portsmouth), Designing an evidence-informed PDP environment to develop learner biographies
  • Hanno van Keulen (Utrecht University), PDP portfolios in Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • Sarah Wilson-Medhurst (London Metropolitan University), Evaluating the impact of personal development planning on students’ self-efficacy

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PDP 08 - June 2006

  • Neil Currant (University of Bradford) and Christopher Murray (University of Leeds), A Planned Approach to Considering Applying to a University using an e-Portfolio
  • Robert Johnson (University of Warwick), PDP Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them
  • Angela Tomkins (University of Gloucestershire), The Use of Storytelling in Supporting the Reflective Writing Process … students’ perspectives
  • Swatee Deepak (Student Volunteering England), Personal Development Planning and Student Volunteers
  • Andrea Duncan (University of Northampton), PDP and Employability: Making it work in Practice
  • Mike Killingly (CRA), PDP – Do employers know enough and does it matter anyway?
  • Rebecca Fielding (Co-Op Group), PDP and life after University – the Co-operative Group’s perspective

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PDP 07 - March 2006

  • Mike Mortimer (University of West London), Supporting Students: Personal Development Planning (PDP) in the Faculty of Professional Studies
  • Paul Chin (HEA), PDP In The Physical Sciences
  • Joan Hoggan (British Council), The British Council PDP for English Language Assistants
  • David Owen (UWE Student Rep), Personal Development Plans for Student Representatives
  • Helena Attardo (CILIP), Mentoring for the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP)
  • John Peters (CRA), Researching student attitudes to Personal Development Planning (PDP)

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PDP 06 - December 2005

  • Norman Jackson (Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education), Towards the tipping point: an intensely personal view of Progress Files and PDP
  • Dominic Micklewright, Quick Start PDP: Meeting the 2005/06 Deadline
  • Peter Lumsden (UCLan), PDP – Starting from where we are in Learning and Teaching terms
  • Janet Strivens (CRA), Supporting learning from reflection
  • Anna Home (University of Bristol), Online PDP and Data Protection
  • Darren Cambridge (George Mason University), A US Perspective: Self-Directed Lifelong Learning with ‘e-Folio Minnesota’ through Facilitating Audience and Ownership.

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PDP 05 - September 2005

  • Miho Taguman (OECD), e-Portfolio and its implications – from an electronic recording system to a policy tool to locate the mission of traditional education and training in a wider policy perspective
  • Bill Leivers and Fiona Henry (Loughborough College), e-Progress File developments at Loughborough College
  • Judith Done (University of Chester), Reviewing progress at Chester
  • Graham Thomas (Queen Mary, University of London), Promoting opportunities for skills and personal development
  • Ian White (University of Hull), HULL – The PDP-friendly University?
  • Peter Rivers and Roy Seden, Personal Development Planning: How can we encourage students to participate?

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PDP 04 - June 2005

  • Jane Edwards (University of Wolverhampton), Developing an e-Portfolio: a personal view from the user community
  • Brenda Brown (CRA), Pick yourself up – dust yourself off – but DON’T start all over again . . .(A view from the 14–19 sector following the Education and Skills White Paper)
  • Carolyne Jacobs (University of Portsmouth), Does PDP enhance students’ employability? Five major employers think so . . .
  • Pam Calabro (Anglia Ruskin), Who or What is a PDP Practitioner?
  • Paul Rodaway (University of the West of Scotland), From Personal Development Planning to Individualised Support for Learning through Further and Higher Education
  • Helen Richardson (CRA), Getting What You Want: Supporting ePortfolio Implementation

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PDP 03 - April 2005

  • Cliona O'Neill (University of Glamorgan), Wales PDP network and developments in Wales
  • Mick Betts and Pam Calabro (Anglia Ruskin), Building an institutional infrastructure in support of PDP: Key enablers and inhibitors
  • Pauline Kneale (University of Leeds), Linking student development planning to employability
  • Mark Atlay (University of Bedfordshire), PDP: To assess or not to assess?

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PDP 02 - February 2005

  • Melissa Shaw (UCLan), PDP for Postgraduate Researchers
  • Debra McFarlane-Dick (University of Glasgow), Designing an on-line Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Pauline Kneale and Ian Hughes (University of Leeds), Employers’ appraisals tell you what they value in graduates – are you and your students using this resource?
  • Helen Richardson (CRA and University of Manchester), Things to think about when considering ePortfolios
  • Heather Gibson (QAA), Effective Learning Framework

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PDP 01 - December 2004

  • Greg Wade (Universities UK), Who are the Progress File Implementation Group?
  • Bob Burgess (University of Leicester), Measuring and Recording Student Achievement’ (The Burgess Report)
  • Janet Strivens (CRA and University of Liverpool), Student and Faculty Electronic Portfolios – 25/26 October 2004 International Meeting of US Disciplinary Associations and UK Subject Centres
  • Shane Sutherland (University of Wolverhampton), Reflections of a CRA virgin

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