Statutory guidance for schools: Careers guidance

This is statutory guidance from the Department for Education. This means that recipients must have regard to it when carrying out duties relating to the provision of careers guidance for young people.

This guidance has been updated to help schools plan for the extension of the duty to secure independent and impartial careers guidance down to year 8 and up to years 12 and 13 from September 2013.

The purpose of this guidance is to identify the key responsibilities of schools in relation to careers guidance for young people. Schools have a role to play in supporting their pupils to make well informed and realistic decisions by providing access to impartial and independent information and guidance about the range of education and training options that are most likely to help young people achieve their ambitions.

Apart from the elements identified in this statutory guidance, it is for schools to decide the careers guidance provision to be made available based on the needs of pupils and the opportunities available. Schools should meet the costs of provision from their overall budgets.

  • Department: Department of Education- Children and Young People
  • Document Published: Wednesday, 27 March 2013