PDP Academy 11

University of Bolton
Developing and Integrating e-PDP into Personal tutoring

  • The aim of the project was to develop an ePDP tool for students which empowered them and enhanced the Personal Tutoring process, student learning, achievement and employability prospects.
  • We sought to develop a selection of ePDP tools for students that will allow them to select the one that better fits their learning and professional needs.
  • The project team through working with the student body aimed to develop an ePDP tool and sustainable PDP framework which the students value, enhances and benefits lifelong learning.
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University of Kent
Using e-portfolios as a catalyst for change: how does the e-portfolio change students’ views of their academic and employability development at university?

  • One of the aims of introducing new e-portfolio software was to highlight the many opportunities for PDP and employability skills that are available to students at the University. There are two key ways in which MyFolio does this; firstly, it has space within it to provide students with Kent-specific help on PDP (the PDP planner and the skills audit), secondly it has the facility to create group pages within it which represent the different stakeholders who contribute to the Kent employability strategy.
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Oxford Brookes University
Engaging first-year undergraduates with critical self-awareness pilot

  • One of the five graduate attributes that Brookes is now committed to as part of its student experience strategy is “Personal literacy and critical self-awareness”. To both highlight and “kick start” this attribute, it was proposed that, as part of induction in semester one, all first-years might engage with one or more ‘personality’ inventories that might help them to identify and then reflect on their strengths, skills, interests, and motivations. Coupled with this, they could also be entitled to a reflective conversation with an academic advisor, based on the outcomes of the inventory/ies. To test both the efficacy and practicality of this proposal, it was agreed to carry out a pilot during the second semester of academic year 11/12, with 1st year students from one module in each of the four Faculties.
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University of Salford
The Salford Student Life Award (Foundations) programme

  • To address the skills gap between learning methods at FE and HE level.
  • To introduce students to independent learning.
  • To use PDP activities and approaches to develop a range of progression pathways in academic and vocational areas.
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University of Sheffield
Embedding Graduate Skills and Attributes within Academic Programmes: Improving Staff and Student Commitment

  • To encourage and assist academic departments to explore opportunities, both within their programme of studies and through the promotion of extra- curricular activities, for students to fulfil their potential by understanding and gaining a range of Sheffield graduate attributes and skills within the context of a newly created Employability strategy.
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