Buckinghamshire New University
Effective implementation of PDP and ePortfolio across curricula with a professional, employment and academic focus.

University of Central Lancashire
From PDP to Graduate Attributes

University of Hull
Dissertation Direct: a PebblePad learning space for finalist students

PDP Academy was, in essence, a ‘change academy lite’ model of supported institutional development - a one year supported Institutional Development Programme to focus upon and make progress with key aspects of your work.

It was a specialist programme, though our definition takes ‘PDP’ in broad terms, including practice related to a range of related initiatives concerned to support the recording, reviewing evidencing and articulating of student achievements, initiatives such as:

• e-portfolio implementation;
• approaches to the verification of lifewide learning;
• approaches to implementing the HEAR, particularly in the context of its formative version;
• the development of PDP-practice to support key institutional agenda, such as student retention, employability or how PDP practice contributes to ‘the institutional offer’ to applicants.

You can find out more about the range of projects previously undertaken under PDPAcademy 11 at: http://www.recordingachievement.org/higher-education/pdp-academy.html.