Congratulations to all who have successfully completed the CRA/SEDA Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising Award!

Each named successful candidate is listed below.....


Jean Brant - University of Wolverhampton

Charlotte Coleman - Sheffield Hallam University

Theresa Compton - University of Plymouth

Jane Fearon - Sheffield Hallam University

Josephine Gabi - Manchester Metropolitan University 

David Grey - University of Hull 

Emma Heron - Sheffield Hallam University

Christopher Jones - Manchester Metropolitan University

Ricky Lowes - Plymouth University 

Cathy Malone - Sheffield Hallam University

Alison McCamley - Sheffield Hallam University

Alison Wilkinson - University of Lincoln 

Sarah McCarthy - University of Exeter

Amanda Pocklington - University of Exeter 

Barbara Nicolls - Buckinghamshire New University 

Rosemary Davies - University of Exeter

Lynne Booth - Sheffield Hallam University

Rosa Alonso-Perez - Sheffield Hallam University 

Emmie Deakin - Sheffield Hallam University 

Elizabeth Lye - Sheffield Hallam University 

Petra Klompenhouwer - Sheffield Hallam University 

Damian Kingsbury - Sheffield Hallam University 

Sharon Frankland - Sheffield Hallam University 

Joy Drever - Sheffield Hallam University 

Melissa Jacobi - Sheffield Hallam University 

Brendan Wood - Sheffield Hallam University 

Lesley May - UCLan

Pratik Vyas - Northumbria University