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15th Annual Residential Seminar - Thurs 3rd and Friday 4th December 2015

Policies, practices(s), partnerships: the Fifteenth Annual Residential Seminar of the Centre for Recording Achievement

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December 2015, Kenwood Hall Sheffield


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Introductions and Welcomes 

Rob Ward, CRA Director


Whole seminar workshop: Personal Development from a Student Perspective: introducing and using the NUS Personal Development Framework

Personal Development Benchmarking Tool

Kate Little, NUS 


Workshop session one 

e-portfolios and digital badges; an integrated approach

Alastair Robertson and Carol Maxwell, Abertay University 


Reflection in the disciplines 

Janet Strivens, The Centre for Recording Achievement


PDP isn't just for students: How can HEA Fellowships help us evidence our engagement in professional development 

Sally Bradley, HEA Academy 


Workshop Session Two 

Learning gain through central provision

Jennie Blake and Chris Millson, University of Manchester 


The use of e-portfolios to support work-based learning- A case study

Mahara e-portfolio PLU403

Mahara training 'follow up', 8 steps of student support

Suggested content for e-portfolios 

Simon Bicknell, Newman University 


Third Sector Internships Scotland (TSIS): Reflections on Value, Impact and Best Practice 

Fiona Boyle, University of Cumbria


Annual General Meeting of the Centre for Recording Achievement 


Whole Seminar Workshop: 'Students as influencers', the role of Student Ambassadors for Learning and Teaching at the University of Sheffield 

Francine Lindley, Ana Popa, Mathy Selvakumaran, Ashley Carley and Sarita Pnday, University of Sheffield 



Day Two 

What's new what's hot??

Emerging Policy Developments: the TEF, Learning Gain and PDP

Ruth Burchell, QAA 


The IMS Digital Credentialling Initiative

Making sense of the new world digital credentials 

Carla Caselli, IMS 


Where are we with Open Badges? Results from the Open Badges Implementation Survey.

Simon Cotterill, Newcastle University.


The CRA Digital Badges Special Interest Group


Chris Millson, University of Manchester and Fiona Harvey, University of Southampton


Workshop Session Three

Flippin staff development 

Megan Lawton, University of Wolverhampton 


Findings from the JISC national study into technology for employability 

Peter Chatterton, Daedalus e-world, on behalf of JISC


Institutional Change Leader award- Jisc Change Agents' network

Mark Kerrigan, Anglia Ruskin University and Emma Procter-Legg


Workshop Session Four

Understanding the potential for Digital Badges in Higher Education

Patrina Law and Jane Roberts, Open University 


Benefits and challenges behind moving the HEAR from a summative artefact to embedding it into formative processes that support institutional employability strategies

Technology for Employability: FE and Skills Case Studies

Technology for Employability: HE Case Studies

Technology for Employability: Five Dimensions 

Technology for Employability: Challenges 

Report: Technology for Employability

Quick read report: technology for Employability 

Peter Chatterton, Daedalus e-world, on Behalf of JISC and Ruth drysdale, JISC 


Reflections on Professional Practice Portfolios (PPP) in Teacher Education (TT): Findings of our pilot

Maria Rodriguez Yborra and Sarah Telfer, University of Bolton 


Plenary Workshop: 'Stopping and Thinking'

Steve Outram, Associate Director Development, The Centre for Recording Achievement

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