Supporting Student Development, Success and Satisfaction Seminar - Weds 27th Jan 2016


Introductions and welcomes. Jackie Dunne, DVC (Access and Lifelong Learning), the University of Wolverhampton, and Rob Ward, the Centre for Recording Achievement.


Why does this matter now? John Peters, Head of Academic Practice, Newman University, Birmingham, UK, and Associate Director, Research (CRA). 

The policy agenda: Ruth Burchell, Development Officer QAA.

Learning Gain and Student Development: Dr. Karin Crawford, Director and Dr. Stephen Haddelsey, Project Manager, University of Lincoln Learning Gain Project.


New and emerging sectoral support for Practice.


The potential for technology to support 21st Century Tutoring:  new and emerging developments.  Paul Bailey, Lisa Gray and Ruth Drysdale, Jisc.


Student perspectives, toward a partnership approach.

Kate Little, Senior Project Officer, NUS and Ellie Russell, the Student Engagement Partnership.


Supporting and developing students through peer power!'

Janet Strivens, Senior Associate Director and Steve Outram, Associate Director, CRA.


Extended Group Discussion:  participants choose one theme to follow up in detail.


Emerging institutional thinking:  ideas and approaches to revising Tutorial policy and practice.

Two opportunities for small group discussions on ‘work in progress’ within different institutions.


Plenary discussion - Policy and practice: the implications for staff and student development.

Ruth Burchell, QAA, Karin Crawford, University of Lincoln, Kate Little, NUS and Rob Ward, CRA (Chair).


Extension workshop: Getting started with our named Professional Award in Tutoring. Janet Strivens University of Liverpool/CRA, John Peters, Newman University/CRA and Rob Ward.


  • Document Published: Wednesday, 27 January 2016