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RAPPORT - VOLUME1, ISSUE 1 - published April 2015


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Table of Contents

2    Welcomes and Introductions Conversations …

3    Janet Strivens, CRA/The University of Liverpool A Typology of ePortfolios.

6    Shane Sutherland, PebblePad Reflections on the typology.


Research …

11   Kirsten Nielsen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark, Birthe D. Pedersen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark and Niels H. Helms, University College Sjælland, Denmark - Becoming conscious of learning and nursing in clinical settings.

20    Ronald Lievens, Tilburg University, Netherlands and Francesco Ferrante. University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy - Using an online labour market intermediary for the recruitment of graduates: The recruiter’s perspective on AlmaLaurea.


Perspectives …

31    Phil Brown, University of St Mark and St John Communities of Practice - A Heuristic for Workplace Reflection in Higher Education.

42    Jon Curwin and Ruth Lawton, Birmingham City University -The challenge of uniqueness – employability in higher education.