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Research Question: To investigate how best can the inclusion of PDP activity in part time (day release) vocationally orientated programmes help meet the expectations of sponsoring employers regarding employability skills / competencies?

To date a lot of the interest in PDP seems to have been on how it can help students adjust to studying at university with quite a lot of focus on the first year experience. My own observation of PDP implementation is that explicit provision tails off in later years of a programme as institutional concerns to retain students are addressed. However for students it is at later stages in their programme that the need to be able to demonstrate to employers the added value they have gained from their studies/university experience becomes more important. This links to the current government policy emphasis on developing higher education programmes which help meet employer requirements and address the skills shortage issues identified by the Leitch Report.

(Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education) - The role of Personal Development Planning (PDP) for employer sponsored students – an exploration of how PDP learning activities can support CPD and workforce development requirements

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  • Institution: University of Salford
  • Document Author: Julie Savory, Carole Conroy
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  • Phone: 0161 295 2201
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