Louise Frith - Kent, University of

Initial Question: E-portfolios: catalyst or distraction for supporting students PDP. Does an e-portfolio tool support reflection on learning and experiential learning?

PDP provision at Kent is embedded into the curriculum in each department some departments have set up skills/PDP modules, usually in the first year to help students develop their academic skills. There is a wide variety of PDP support available to Kent students, however for many students this results in PDP being invisible. For the past year UELT has been supporting the introduction of an e-portfolio tool which is available to all departments to support their PDP provision and make it more visible to students. Many departments have piloted the tool and overall feedback from staff and students has been positive.

Research Question: Does an e-portfolio help students to recognize and articulate their employability skills? A case study using Pebblepad at the University of Kent.

(Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education) - How do different models of PDP influence the embedding of e-Portfolios?