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Sarah Wilson-Medhurst – Coventry University

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Initial Question: E-portfolios linked to appropriate formative and summative assessment criteria

I have been using reflective writing with learners to support within- and post- experience reflection for some time and to place that learning within a meaningful personal context. Within a widening participation arena, the focus has been on transforming identity and on enhancing self efficacy. To achieve this I have been using the portfolio building process, linked to formative and summative assessment, to encourage learners to view their experiences from different perspectives. This with the aim of supporting their learning and development including employability awareness and development.

Research Question: What are the elements within this Coventry Add+Vantage module that support and encourage a reflective capacity?

(Journal of Learning Development in Higher Educaiton) - An evaluation of the impact of e-Portfolio supported pedagogic processes on students’ reflective capacity

Sarah Wilson-Medhurst

Andrew Turner

Additional Info

  • Institution: Coventry University
  • Email: Sarah.Wilson-Medhurst@coventry.ac.uk
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